You have set up your online business website. All the necessary functionality is there, all the products are well positioned and everything looks terrific. But why don’t you have a single sale made since? Simple! You have no traffic coming to your site. Don’t make a mistake of not introducing your website; there could be nobody knowing that your website exists.

And it’s not just any traffic you need. You need targeted traffic to your website. Meaning, you need to invite people who would actually want to buy whatever it is you’re offering. To achieve an increase in visitor traffic, you need to advertise your website. And remember that there are more differences in online business and offline business advertisement than there are similarities.

The most popular method to advertise a website is to write articles for an article marketing campaign.

For the right person, article marketing can be totally free. If you know how to write articles, you can find free article directories on the Web where you can submit articles for publishing. This way your campaign will cost you zero.

Article marketing is useful in establishing your authority over your niche. When you gain an authority status it’s much easier for you to sell your product since people have more trust in you. Authority websites also gain higher search engine ranking – another free way to search engine optimize your website.

By writing articles you know you get targeted traffic to your website. Only people with particular interest in your niche will read your piece so that you know if you bring them to your business website, they will find what you’re offering is interesting for them. You are sure your efforts will not go to waste.

However, you must remember one important point when you write an article. It’s best to remind yourself about your readers’ end goals rather than yours. That is to say to know what your readers would like to read about your niche. Join chat rooms and forum websites to see what your potential customers want to know about your niche. Once you know your readers by heart, you can write a piece purposely dedicated to them.

Realize the power of article marketing for your online business, and before you know it, the profit starts pouring in. Put service first and forget about making money for a while when you write your articles; think about how you can help your customers.


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