If you want to use Web 2.0 properties to make money online, you need to get people off of them and onto your sales, affiliate sales or squeeze pages ASAP. Here are three keys to making it work.

Make it ugly? You are not making your Web 2.0 pages in order to impress anybody or win any awards. You are using them to make money! It follows that all of your effort, then, needs to go into making that money – and that none of it needs to go into the aesthetic experience!

Don’t use any of the bells and whistles provided by your Web 2.0 site, unless those bells and whistles can make you some money. If you use video, make sure it not only relates to your niche, but your product as well. And make sure it relates to people wanting to buy that product, which is paramount.

If you use images, you will mostly need only product images. This can be a “portrait” of the product or of someone using the product. There is no need for cute animated GIFs or anything “cute”.

Don’t entertain them. You don’t want to entertain your readers with content, either. When you are targeting a buying key phrase, keep all information focused on that product or the problems it solves. If you are building a list, make the content about the benefits of your list and/or the solutions it offers.

You don’t need jokes or funny stories. You don’t need to convince your readers why the solutions offered by your product or list are something they need. Target only people who already want those solutions. If you do any convincing at all, it should be that your list will offer a quality solution.

(You shouldn’t have to do this with products, if you’re targeting buying key phrases. People who look up “buying keywords” – specific brands, makes, models, colors, etc. – already know what they want.)

Give them one option. Focusing your page on a single action and providing your readers with a single option is of utmost importance when monetizing Web 2.0 pages.

Most Web 2.0 sites already provide a link or two to click off the pages with their on-site monetization. You shouldn’t give your readers any other choices than possible! Provide them with the choice that is most profitable to you and only that choice.

This should be easy if you have targeted the buying key phrase. After all, it’s what they were looking to buy in the first place, so why shouldn’t they go ahead and click to somewhere they can buy it?

By all means, they should – so don’t try and show them something else they can do. After all, the internet seems to have attention deficit built in to it. Don’t make it worse by providing multiple choices for your readers. Stick with the choice – and only with the choice – that will satisfy reader needs and earn you a commission in the process.


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