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It is not a well-known fact, but using RSS can offer great benefits for your business. Below are some examples that are often used. Please be aware though, some of these techniques could possibly be abused. So please use it carefully.

Twitter: Automatically creates a new tweet when you have new posts. There are many ways to do this. A popular and free tool to use is Twitterfeed.

Facebook – like twitter, Facebook can also be updated automatically when you post. One recommended application to use is “My Blogs” as using Facebook app’s can sometimes be unreliable.

Widgets: design a special widget related to your blog. The widget could then be displayed on their own blogs or even on their desktop. This can easily be done with Spring Widgets or Google Gadgets.

Deliver files to your audience: If have a podcast, you’re already doing this, but you can deliver other files too from PDF’s to video.

Affiliates RSS feeds: Allow your affiliates to display your content, wherever they wish. Give them the incentive by branding any links with their affiliate ID. This will credit them with any purchases made from your sites.

Deal finder: we all like to save money, especially when it comes to spending money on our business. Large online stores like Amazon or offer “deal of the day” or similar offers. These offers can be subscribed to your feed reader, so they will display as soon as they are available.

Package tracking: have your RSS feed update to alert you to the status of your deliveries. Use a solution like

Track latest questions on Yahoo Answers: Answering questions on Yahoo Answers can be very effective to promote your business. Subscribe to the RSS feed of the category you’re interested in so you’ll be notified when a new question comes in that you can answer.

Track your own or other blogs’ comments: Sometimes email notifications stops working. But the RSS always does. If you are using a WordPress blog, your comment feed is usually: or

Competition – keep an eye on your competitors, and find out their activities on social networks videos and blogs. A good option for this is FriendFeed.

Track what’s going on in your industry: Do a search on Yahoo or MSN for a keyword or phrase you’d like to watch. Using Firefox or IE 7, an RSS feed icon will appear. Click to subscribe.

Advertising – I haven’t done any advertising on RSS myself, but I have displayed ads in RSS feeds. I’ve noticed that click through ratios have enhanced, sometimes better than actual site visitors. Try using FeedBurner, Text-Link-Ads or Pheedo for this type of service.

Service status updates: keep your clients and customers in the know by displaying your service status via RSS feed. This is especially useful for those that offer web hosting, shopping carts or payment gateways.
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