Google Adsense for publishers is, where publishers are placing Google Ads on their web pages to make money. For every click publishers will get paid unlike Google Adwords where they are charged for every click on their Ads.

Google Adsense Products and Services
– Adsense for content
– Adsense for Search
– Referrals

“Adsense for content” will return Google ads related to page content. “Adsense for search” returns results as per the normal searches made by the users.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Programs
There are various article submission or social bookmarking sites which offer Adsense revenue sharing programs. Get an account there and just enter your Adsense publisher ID. For every article you poste there you will get Adsense ads appearing there with your ID, and for every click you will be paid. As per the terms and conditions 50 ads will be displayed with your ID and 50 with their ID.
Therefore, get your Google Adsense ID and start earning sitting home NOW!!



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