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For those who are concerned with having privacy on MySpace, there are many codes and tweaks you can use to protect your identity from everyone who isn’t on your friends list. While there are many bands and clubs on MySpace who want their profiles to become very popular, some people still prefer to have their pages private and hidden. Thankfully, there are many ways to do this.

You probably already know that you can set your page preference on ‘private’. Your profile will be hidden for the most part by people who aren’t on your friends list, although anyone can still see your contact table. If you’d prefer to not have strangers sending you a friend request or a PM, there are ‘hide contact table codes’ on MySpace graphics sites.

If you don’t want to keep your entire profile private, but still would like to hide your top 8 friends, there are ‘hide friends’ codes you can use as well. This will protect the identities of your top friends from people you don’t know or like. It will also keep you from having to pick and choose the ‘top 8’ amongst your friends.

It is also possible to hide your online status to keep everyone from knowing when exactly you’re online. You can edit your MySpace privacy settings or copy and paste a ‘hide status’ code from a MySpace resources site. This way the ‘online now’ status won’t ever show up on your profile. You can find and use codes that will hide your last login time as well. Not only can you stay invisible while surfing MySpace, but you can keep anyone from knowing exactly the last time you were on.

There are also codes you can use to hide your ‘about me’ section and ‘profile details’. You can easily hide your personal information from strangers. You could also use codes to make your own ‘about me’ graphics if you don’t like the format that MySpace uses. Some people like filling out ‘about me’ surveys and putting them up on their MySpace to go with their own unique layout.

There is another interesting MySpace code used to hide comments. Many people choose to keep their comments private. Hiding comments also helps a profile page to load faster, and it eliminates worry about oversized comments taking up a large portion of your page.

You are now aware of several different ways you can protect your MySpace profile and identity from strangers. It’s possible to hide the personal parts of your profile while keeping your MySpace layout interesting, and you don’t have to worry about unwanted strangers looking at your MySpace page.

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