So you finally got your niche site up. You put up ten, maybe fifteen or twenty pages of content about your niche and put some damn good affiliate links on those pages. You have sent out some articles to get good organic backlinks, traded a few links here and there.

Maybe you discreetly bought some links to your site to give it that extra push to get that consistent website traffic. Then you made a couple of blog posts on a good site like Blogger, linked back to your site, and pinged it. You moved on to another site and waited for a while so that your first site could get out of the sandbox.

Finally, after a while, it made it! Your site has a little bit of age on it, and Google shows a bit of love. A few people see your site and maybe decide to link to it — you have probably even been socially bookmarked. The site is starting to rank well with Google, and you are making a few affiliate sales, maybe even a lot. You couldn’t be happier!

But soon, your consistent website traffic, and your sales start to drop off. What happened?

You didn’t update. You stopped adding content. You stopped blogging and bookmarking. If you were buying links, maybe you didn’t keep on with it, or maybe you didn’t keep adding them. And Google noticed.

You see, Google has a certain kind of attitude towards your website. If you’re not giving the site any attention, then why should everybody’s favorite (or at least most used…) search engine treats it any different?

You’ve got to be consistent to maintain consistent website traffic. You have got to show your site some love!

When you don’t, Google assumes that nobody cares about your site. It assumes your site maybe is not so relevant. And so it doesn’t want to rank that site anymore.

Google these days is all about recency. It is hard to establish any kind of authority anymore if you don’t have lots of activity. Even just getting links is not enough — you have got to maintain your site. You have got to update your pages, you have got to add new pages, and you have got to have links coming in on a fairly frequent basis.

How often you update your content will determine how often Google sends spiders to your site. Take a lesson from Web 2.0 social media sites. Many of those sites pretty much have Google camping out on their front doorsteps, just waiting for the chance to index them. In fact, many of these sites get indexed several times every day!


Updated content. Pure and simple. Google loves recency almost as much as it loves authority these days. It goes to sites that are active, because that indicates that users love those sites! And it is Google’s job to give people what they want.

So update your site. Give it new content regularly. If you are buying links, do that on a consistent basis — albeit discretely. Give your website some consistent attention, and Google will too, resulting in consistent website traffic for you.


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