Article marketing has become one of the quickest ways to drawn attention to your website. Traffic generation is a big part of an Internet marketing business. In fact, without people visiting your site, you don’t have any sales. You can go through all the motions of running your website and maintaining your information with your site’s pages, but there are no sales conversions without visitors. Using articles to promote your website, or generate traffic as it’s called, is actually rather simple.

Keyword Rules

When you are writing your articles, it is important to research the keywords that you will be using for your specific niche and topic. There are several different levels of keywords and a few things that you should pay attention to when you are choosing the keywords to use. You need to make sure that your keywords are relevant to the article topic, and the article topic must be related to your website and the product you are promoting since you will be linking to your website in your article. Choose keywords that are not over-used as your primary keywords. When you are brainstorming for keyword phrases, try doing a search for that phrase. The results that you get listed will tell you how popular that phrase is. You don’t want your competition to be so great that you don’t have the slightest chance of making it to the 10th page let alone the 1st page. Additionally, don’t abuse the keywords in your articles. Limit your usage of each phrase to one time per 100 to 200 words.

Providing Valuable Information

Your articles should make sense and provide readers with information that they need. Quite often there are many writers that simply throw together a bunch of nonsense and strategically place keywords and anchor text throughout the article. Obviously, this is a big no-no. Your readers are looking for specific information that brought them to your article. Give them this information. Provide tips or solutions – something that will make your readers trust you and think really hard about buying from a competitor.

Content Layout

The layout of your article should be appealing but not riddled with unnecessary junk. Formatting should be simple. Use bullets or numbers to make lists of specific points or items that you are discussing. Keep your font simple and at a normal size. Avoid using italics and bold in excess. You should also put a call to action at the bottom, also known as the resource section, of each article. Here is where you will tell your readers that there is more information available by clicking “X” link. This is where you can include the real URL to your website, or you can also use an anchor text keyword phrase that hides your URL.


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