In Internet marketing, one of the common terms that you will run across is anchor text. It is one of the many terms that correspond with the broad area of search engine optimization (SEO). It is a term that is also known as phrase linking or title text. When you visit a website, blog or article submission site, there are often words and phrases that are underlined or written as hyperlinks in colored text. These phrases are usually keywords that you have chosen for the particular piece of information. For example, an article on building cages would have the phrase ‘building cages’ set as a hyperlink that leads to another website when clicked. Essentially, it is a hidden URL within this phrase.

Anchor texts are commonly used in blog posts and in article marketing on submission sites. This is because these two things are ways to generate traffic to your home website or sales page. When you include the keywords as anchor text within your article or post, the URL that you link is the one for the page that you want readers to go to. There are two different types of anchor text that you can use: internal and external anchor text.

Internal anchor text involves using anchor texting within your specific website. You can use this to link one article or page to an entirely different one. You can also use internal anchor texts to send readers to articles or blog posts that you have written.


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