An email autoresponder is a tool that is a must-have for online business owners and Internet marketers. These programs and services are beneficial because they send automatic email messages that you have written to a specific list of people that you have gathered, through your opt-in boxes on your websites and blogs. When you have realized that you need an autoresponder, you are likely researching which one is the best autoresponder for you.


One of the biggest factors that you should be looking for is whether or not the email messages are reaching the targets or not. You want to make sure that your messages will actually get to the email addresses on your list. This means that your autoresponder should have a way to deliver your messages to your customer’s email inboxes instead of the spam boxes. Most people don’t pay close attention to the messages that are filtered through spam. The average person simply glances through to make sure there are no important emails, and then they will delete the messages in the box.

No limitations

The best autoresponder program or service will not have limitations. There are many autoresponder providers that place limitations on the services that you can access and the volumes with which you can use them. You will find that some of these providers limit the size of your opt-in list, the amount of messages that you can send within a period of time, and the size of your messages. You should choose an autoresponder with unlimited access. You need to be able to send as many messages as you need, regardless of what type of messages they are, to as many email addresses as you have. A successful online business means that your opt-in list is always changing and growing. Your autoresponder should allow you continual success.

Social media integration

Social websites have become one of many means for promotion and advertising for online business owners. Many websites have social websites tied in. These sites are generally used as a means of further communicating with potential and previous customers. In the same manner as an opt-in from a business’ home website, a social media site can create a contact list through the people that request to be added to a “Friends” list. Since using social media sites for business purposes is a fairly new technique, the best autoresponder providers will incorporate and integration with these sites.


The best autoresponder will have a comprehensive tracking system. This is important because it will provide you with statistics to how your customers are responding to specific efforts in your advertising and promotion campaigns. When an autoresponder provides you with a good tracking system so that you can adjust your campaign efforts as needed instead of wasting these efforts on failed attempts.

Always look for a reliable established service and refrain from signing any free  autoresponder services, even when you have just started IM, and most likely your you are on a tight budget. At the moment, Aweber charges $19.00/month for up to 500 subscribers, which is a good and fair deal to start, plus you can test drive the first month for just $1.00!

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