Keywords, keywords, keywords. As an Internet marketer, that is something that cannot be repeated enough. You hear it over and over in everything that you do with your website. This is because keywords are the most vital part of a website, and they determine where your ranking sits with search engines. This, in turn, determines just how visible and available your website is to readers who are looking for something related to what you’re offering. With the importance of keywords being so high, it is necessary for you to implement using a tool to help you determine which keywords are the right ones to use. The Google Keywords Tool is one such tool.

This keyword tool is a nice thing to have in your Internet marketing arsenal. It can prove to be beneficial from the first time that you use it. Like most other tools, the Google Keywords Tool works to provide you with a list of keywords based on an initial keyword that you enter. It is designed to give you related phrases to use with minimal effort and little confusion.

Using the Google Keywords Tool is actually pretty simple. You take a small phrase, no more than two words, and enter it into the text box. The tool automatically searches through the Google network to provide you with a lengthy list of keywords that you can use. In addition to this information, Google also tells you how often these keywords are used in competitor websites and how frequently these keywords are search on a local and a global level. From this information, you can determine which keywords are popular to use, which ones are used too much, and which ones are not used that often. The general idea is to use keywords from each of these three areas to maximize your website content’s exposure.

Once you have picked through the list and chosen some of the new suggestions, you can repeat the process using that phrase. You will yield different results. Some will be related to your main keywords that you started with but others will not. You need to weed out the ones that aren’t related.

The Google Keywords Tool is a free tool offered by Google for Internet marketers that utilize many different methods in their promotions, from PPC advertising to general posting. As one of the many free tools, it can be difficult to learn something new. This tool provides a simple user-friendly interface, but if you get stuck you can find tons of information-on the Internet-about making sense of the results provided with your Google Keywords Tool. You can also find much more information and tips on making this particular tool work better for you than any other.


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