Have you ever wondered just what makes blogs successful? Every blogger started out the same way, tediously working on design and constantly adding content. They become the most popular blogs because of several different things. True, it’s a well-known fact that content must be added regularly, but there’s more to it than just that. Let’s break it down.

Success Secret 1: Usefulness

A blog must have a purpose – it must be useful. Your blog must provide valuable information for readers. In the same aspect, your blog must provide thus useful information regularly. The most popular blogs have informative content added in a pattern – like a schedule. This works in two ways. First, your readers will return to see what you’ve added. Second, your blog is picked up by search engines when you add new content that is relevant to the keywords.

Success Secret 2: Tone

Impersonal, cold and straight to the point blogs go nowhere. All too frequently, bloggers state facts and give information that is boring and has no life. Your tone should be light and friendly. Write as though you are speaking directly to your readers. You should write in first person, avoid hard sales talk, and don’t be afraid to add your own opinions. You want your readers to feel like there’s a real human being running the blog. Some of the most popular blogs will even include light humor within the content.

Success Secret 3: Design

While the content of your blog is important, the design is equally important. You want to avoid using loud, bright colors. You should also stick to basic fonts. In many cases, fonts that may look good in your web browser will come out distorted in others. Bright colors, flashing banners, and other nuisances are distractions for readers, and will often prevent them from staying to read or even returning.

Success Secret 4: Guest Blogging

As your name and blog gain popularity, you will find that other blog owners in your niche may start inviting you to write a post for their blog. Guest blogs are a great way to establish yourself as an expert. If you visit some of the most popular blogs, you will see that both bloggers gain from guest blogging. The original blog gets fresh content from a new writer, and the guest blog drives more traffic to their blog when readers want to read what’s on that blog.

Becoming a successful blog owner takes time, effort, and a whole lot of patience. It won’t happen overnight. It’s not a realistic expectation. However, it is important to set goals or milestones for yourself, so you have something to work toward.

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