It was early 2008 when I came across the name Alvin Phang the first time. I had just started blogging and was trying to get familiar with Internet marketing.

What to do and where to find the essential tools? These were a few thoughts and questions, which came to my mind at that time. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue, where to start and where to look; I didn’t even know the fundamental basics, not to mention where to find the applicable publications, or how to make blogging profitable.

Later, after a while, the next obstacle came along: which of the courses, software, tips, trends, marketing strategies, etc. were genuine, would work, were needed and were worth their money? Which of the get rich schemes, e-books were just money making scams without any benefit for you?

Well, it took me quite a while to work it out. It was then when I discovered Alwin Phang’s Atomic Blogging 2.0. This course was very reasonably priced in comparison to other products available, and I decided to give it a go. I never regretted having made that decision. It helped me a lot in the beginning of my IT adventure. His product was easy to understand, and it really worked, provided one took action. Also, if you were a complete newbie, Alwin would even install the whole system on your blog for a small fee.

You know, affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to create an income virtually automated. In addition, did I mention, start up cost and overheads are very small.

So what is new in Atomic Blogging 3.0? Well, I must say, Alwin has done his homework. He has changed quite a lot for the better.

In the 12 chapters of this guide Alvin covers everything you have to know from how to set up a blog at WordPress or blogger, optimizing your blog for SEO, keyword research, affiliate programs, pay per click, traffic, article marketing and much more.

Atomic Blogging 3.0 teaches you step-by-step how you can create a profitable blog in no time, from start to finish. He even gives you a fully customized WordPress theme to use and additionally there are video tutorials provided to guarantee you have got everything to get yourself up and running fast with your first blog.

It is not a “how to get rich scheme” guide. However, it is a concise, substantial and very comprehensive guide to how to make money with blogging, which truly covers every important detail thinkable.

The Blogging Guide 3.0, the Atomic Blogging 3.0 WordPress plug-in and his Atomic Blogging 4.0 WordPress theme alone is worth the price for this whole package.

Therefore, if you are a newbie or even someone more experienced, but still struggling to attract enough traffic to your blog to be successful, I highly recommend, give Atomic Blogging 3.0 a go today while the bonuses are still available! I’m sure, you won’t be disappointed.

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