A simple search for “seo tip” gives you thousands of results that carry on page after page. A lot of what you find is going to be junk information-something that an inexperienced person has thrown together as a means of self-promotion. Since you’re seeking seo tip information, you are obviously trying to learn about seo to help your business. What you need is not one specific seo tip, but rather a few tested tips that can really work.

Seo Tip 1: Keyword Competition

Anyone that has successfully-and repeatedly-used a seo tip can claim to be an expert. This causes high competition. Part of this includes competition with keywords. Certain keywords are harder to use successfully than others. Hot keywords are those that are extremely popular and sometimes over used. Cold keywords are those that are used, but not as often or in addition to hot keywords. When you’re doing keyword research, remember that search engines rely on keyword ordering and relevancy. Not only must your keywords be relevant to your niche, but the ordering must be right as well. There’s a big difference between “discount hosting” and “hosting discount.”

Seo Tip 2: Classic SEO

Using classic search engine optimization is more productive. Your meta tags should be at the top of the list in your seo efforts. Although other indexing methods are used, search engines still use meta tags to crawl and index. Pay attention to your meta tags and what you add to them. Make sure your meta tags have relevant keywords, especially in your meta description.

Seo Tip 3: Your Web Page Titles

One very important seo tip about your website and your seo efforts is your web page titles. You should make sure your web page titles are separate from you website title. Your individual web pages should have their own titles and not carry the website’s title. Your articles should have their own titles as well. A standard rule is to put your main title page in H1 tags, the headings in H2 tags, and the subheadings in H3 tags. Your H3 tags, however, should only contain secondary keywords not primary keywords.

Seo Tip 4: Keyword Frequency

In the beginning of SEO, it was believed that websites were indexed faster and ranked higher if keywords were peppered all over content. Now, we know that this isn’t true and can actually hurt your efforts to increase page rankings. Keywords should only be used about once every 100 words of text. If you over-use keywords, you can actually be flagged by search engines for spamming.

Seo Tip 5: Links

The final noteworthy seo tip is about links that you have on your website. When you are creating content, make a point to link to other sites that are related to your topic and niche.


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