SEO ranking goes by quite a few names. It can be called page ranking and search engine ranking too. All these terms are referring to the rankings of your website with the search engines. Your SEO rank is important; it determines just how successful your website will be. For experts, the ultimate goal is to reach a number one rank.

What are page rankings?

The SEO ranking, or page ranking, is determined by many factors. When a website is search engine optimized, it is highly visible to search engines. When a person is looking for a product or information, they use the search box of a search engine. The search engine uses the keywords that are typed in the box to check all the websites that exist on the Internet. The websites that contain those specific keywords are then shown in the results list. Research has shown that most people don’t go beyond the first page in results, so the websites that fall within this first page are coveted – and optimized.

Obtaining a High SEO Ranking

Getting your website into a high SEO ranking involves learning and implementing a few techniques. Content, keywords and linking are the three most important ones. Without these, your website will be stuck at the bottom of the proverbial Internet barrel.

SEO Ranking with Content

Content refers not only to your basic website pages, but also to the articles that you add. Adding articles is a must. They provide valuable information and help establish your business. Your content should be reader friendly and related to your niche, so that means that if your niche is about website designs you shouldn’t be providing information about dog food. Articles should be added regularly – about twice a week.

SEO Ranking with Keywords

The importance of keywords can never be stressed enough. Many websites fail because of something related to keywords. Your keywords should be researched for popularity. You want to use popular keywords, but not over-used keywords that have a hundred thousand search results. Competition is too high. Additionally, how you use your keywords is important too; primary keywords should appear once in the article title, once in the first paragraph, and then once per 100 words in the text. Anything more is keyword abuse and hurts your SEO ranking.

SEO Ranking with Linking

Adding working, real links to your website will help raise your SEO ranking. Use internal links throughout your entire website; link your pages to your other relevant pages. Use external links – very carefully – for websites other than your own. Only link to these web pages if they are related to your niche or article topics. For example, for a niche of pet care, you can link to websites that provide pet products or special services. The idea is not to link to competitor sites, but rather to websites that compliment – or work together – with whatever products or services that you are trying to promote. Regardless of what links you add, you must ensure that they remain active; always check your links to make sure there are no issues, and if you find issues correct them as soon as possible.

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