Finding the right niche seems like a daunting task for many newcomers. There are so many different markets in Internet marketing that it is easy to see why there is such a huge turnaround. The problem is that a lot of beginners don’t know what to look for and wind up picking a niche that they cannot possibly be successful with. Just because a niche exists doesn’t mean that each marketer is ideal for working with it. When you are trying to find the right niche, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind.

First, you need to resort to the trusty pen and paper. Start making a list of areas that interest you. Let’s say that you have a particular fondness for self-help products. Start with the self-help topic and then pick individual aspects of self-help, like meditation and brain wave therapy. These are niches within a larger topic area. The idea is to get as specific as you can. From there, you can go even further into the specific things that can be used in those small niche groups, like meditation e-books or brain wave therapy CDs. Get as small down the line as you can.

Your next tip in finding the right niche is to pay attention to your potential competition. Think about the general concept of marketing in relation to supply and demand. Let’s say that there is a lot of demand created for a specific niche that you are interested in. That’s great, but how many other marketers are working to promote within that niche? While you may have some luck with going past them in your efforts, the likelihood is slim. This is because the niche is overworked. You need a niche that has a high demand but not too many other marketers involved in the promotion. The best way to find out this information is to do some quick keyword research using a research tool (Google serves the purpose here) and find out how popular the main topic keywords are for that particular niche. When the search rates are lower than 1000, you have found a really great target niche. You have a greater chance of creating a successful marketing campaign for that particular niche.

Your final tip is research, research, research. Once you have narrowed down your selection to one or two niche groups, you need to conduct some thorough research. You need to research the products or services that you think you might want to market to ensure that you are promoting something legitimate, but even more than that you need to gather information that you can share with your potential customers. When you know all there is to know about what you are trying to get people to buy, you convey yourself as an expert and people tend to put a little more faith in you over someone else. In the same manner, you should also research effective Internet marketing techniques. You may have some experience, but the Internet is always evolving and things can change overnight. For beginners, it is much easier to have an idea of what you are getting into before you actually dive in head first and wind up drowning up because you are lost.


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