Finding the right keywords for your web content is important. You can’t choose just anything that pops into your head. Your keywords must be related to your topic, and it is a good idea to choose heavily searched keywords. The keywords that you use in your content are only one piece of the SEO puzzle, but nonetheless, it is an important one. Search engines rely on keywords in content to provide readers with what they are looking for. Without the proper keywords, it is likely that you will not get a lot of traffic to your web pages. Keeping that in mind, you need to know how to find the right keywords for your content.

Finding the right keywords for your content is all about research. You need to choose the topics that are related to your product or service. You can split keywords into three different areas: irrelevant or unused, perfect or over-used. Irrelevant or unused keywords are generally a “must-don’t” with content creation. If you were to use these types of keywords, it is extremely likely that your content won’t get seen at all. You want to stay away from the over-used keywords too. These keywords have been used so many times and are so common that search engines almost always ignore them. Over-used keywords often fall into the “too general” category, like flowers or cats. You ideally want to set your sights on the perfect keywords. These are the ones that nail the topic right in the keywords. For example, you could say “transplanting Hibiscus flowers” or “giving cats a bath.” You want to be specific but not so specific that you give everything away. You simply have to take the idea of your content and sum it up into a phrase of three to five important words.

When you are doing your keyword research, keep in mind that there are a few easy flags that can help you determine how good or bad a keyword or phrase is. Ideally, you want keywords that are being used regularly. These are known as active keywords. In the same breath, however, you don’t want to have too much competition for specific keywords. Let’s say that you pick a specific set of keywords that you would like to use in a post. When you do your own search with those keywords in parentheses (so you get an exact match) the results show that there are over one million pages with those exact words. This is a big no-no. There is way too much competition for those keywords. You can take those same keywords and make a few small changes and come up with a few thousand results. Try to include common misspellings as well; not everyone remembers “i before e, except after c” and other such things.

It is often a good idea, especially for beginners, to use suggestion tools to find the right keywords. Many of these tools are free. With quite a few, you can type in keywords and get details on just how used those keywords really are. Through trial and error, you can easily create the right combination of keywords to make your content stand out and work to increase your page rankings with the search engines.

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