Your blog content is a vital part of your blog. Without posts, you don’t really have a blog at all. Your blog posts are what you use to provide readers – potential customers – with information related to the products or services you offer. Some people use blogs to generate website traffic. Other people use them to promote affiliate products. Finally, there are a few bloggers that are only interested in pay per click income. In any one of these situations, the content you write is crucial; it keeps your readers engaged, makes them want to return, and can help them make an informed purchasing decision.

What do you write about?

When you have decided what purpose your blog will have and you have chosen the general topic, you need to do some research first. Start by making a list of topics and sub-topics within your general topic area. You will also need to research specific keywords to use for each topic and sub-topic on your list. You can then compile your research and write your posts.

What should your blog posts look like?

For starters, they should be short. An average post should range between 400 and 500 words. Use bulleted lists to summarize important points. Most readers are skimmers; they scan the post looking for anything that sticks out before they decide to read the whole thing. Bulleted lists stand out.

Your titles should stand out as well. In addition to the bulleted lists, readers look at the titles of your posts for cues. If the title doesn’t stand out and is not relevant to the information readers are looking for, chances are good that your readers won’t hang around long.

Originality is crucial.

It is extremely crucial for all your content to be your own. Don’t steal the work of other writers. If you need to use specific wording, out it in quotations and include a link to the information you quoted. This is good for your image, but it is also good for search engines. One of the main things that search engines look for with content is duplication. If you aren’t providing links to the information that you quoted, you will get flagged for duplicate content. You can always check your writing with a plagiarism checker. Most versions are web-based and free. They will check the popular search engines across the span of the Internet for related content and exact wording matches. Don’t be alarmed if your initial results are high; you will simply need to adjust the minimum number of consecutive words that are detected.

Once you write your first few posts, it will become much easier for you. You will learn how to effectively research without consuming too much valuable time. You will also establish a writing style all your own, which gives your readers a sense of character. The goal is to connect with the readers through your writing, comments, and replies. If you are using your blog as a promotional tool, this can show your potential customers that there is a real person that is involved. For individual blogs that are not used for marketing, your posts and your writing style will determine how many visits your blog gets.


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