With advances in technology and the Internet, business bloggers have realized that there are a ton of tools that can be used to make blogging easier, less confusing and less time consuming. Blogging software is one of these tools. The right blogging software can help you accomplish these goals and many more. Choosing the right blogging software doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming.

Your first consideration for choosing blogging software is what version of software you want to use. There are two versions: free and paid. Free blogging software is usually included when you create a blog with a particular hosting site. Nucleus, WordPress and B2evolution are three of the more popular blogging software packages. Paid packages usually provide the same options as the free versions, but often include bonuses like PLR articles to use on your blog and autoresponders. Both versions of blogging software can be useful. Your budget is the most important factor in influencing which version you choose.

Ease of use is another consideration – and a big one at that. The blogging software should be easy to understand. It should make changing or adding things on your blog simple. This can mean anything from using the software’s pre-designed templates to quick posting buttons. One of the main things you should look for is whether or not you can design your own templates and add them. If the blogging software doesn’t provide you with this option, investigate another.

The software you choose should provide a feature for automatic pinging. Pinging is an important step in adding content. Your blog should be pinged each time you add or update content. Quite frequently, bloggers forget to ping their blog manually. Automatic pinging does this for you. It ensures that your blog gets picked up by the search engines, which in turn helps to increase your visibility.

Free and paid blogging software comes into play again with a few other factors. First, you need to consider the stability. Basically, free blogging software is provided and hosted by the blog site. There are limitations and stability issues with these free sites. They reserve the right to shut down your blog at any time, which can be a disaster for your business. You don’t usually have any rights because the site owns your blog. Many beginning bloggers have run into problems as they put in the effort to gain popularity and exposure, only to be shut down. Most bloggers opt for the paid versions because you maintain ownership of your blog(s), which means that you are hosting your own blog. You have your blog on your server, and you have the comfort of knowing that you don’t have to worry about a site shutting you down or making unexpected changes.

If you are just starting out, you likely have a tight budget to work with. It is very possible to implement both free programs with paid programs whenever you can so that you can work with the budget that you have. The prices for the paid versions of blogging software will vary depending on what features are included in the software package. The more comprehensive the package, the more expensive it will be. On a positive note, however, most of the paid versions are simple one time purchases, instead of a recurring monthly or yearly bill.


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