Quite simply explained, niche marketing is when you have a selected group of people that you are choosing to target as potential customers. A niche market is a smaller portion of the larger base of customers. Businesses choose niche marketing when they know that there is a specific niche group within this large customer base that is not getting their specific product or service needs fulfilled.

When you are using niche marketing as part of your Internet marketing strategy, which is extremely popular these days, you are finding a way to maximize your global exposure. You learn how to use search engines, websites, blogs and so many more tools that allow you to directly target a particular niche group. Niche marketing is a rather simple concept to understand if it is explained properly.

Your first step is to identify the particular niche group that you need to target. Let’s say, for example, that you are trying to market a group of tools and products that are designed for people who need information about working from home. The work from home area is a large base of customers. What you need to do is narrow down the choice to a particular sub-niche of that group, like affiliate marketing or freelance writing. Your new niche marketing efforts will be targeted to this specific smaller group, while still remaining a part of the larger customer base.

Once you have identified the group that you want to target, you can then start your research. You need to know how these people work as potential customers. Your niche marketing research should be focused in finding out specific information like what this group is interested in buying the majority of the time, how they use the products that they are looking for, and if they have a tendency to be repeat buyers. All of this information is significant to your niche marketing efforts.

Another important aspect of successful niche marketing is the domain names and keywords that you are choosing. Keywords must be thoroughly researched so that you can find the best suited ones for what you are trying to accomplish. Your domain names should also show this same keyword research. For example, if your niche marketing is comprised of tools, services and products designed specifically for freelance writers, your domain name should say something about freelance writing or writers. Your domain name is one of the crucial aspects of where your website gets listed on search engine results.

A lot of confusion about niche marketing is centered around the rumor that in order to be successful you need to have dozens of websites, just as many blogs and even more affiliate products. None of these things is really the case with niche marketing. It is possible to be successful with one website and blog combination and only a small handful of affiliate products. What dominates your success in niche marketing is the research that you have done to ensure that you are hitting a target market that has an immediate need for what you are offering.


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