Blogging is the most effective technique in affiliate marketing. There are many hosting sites that provide people with access to free blogs to use for almost any purpose, so it is only natural for them to be included in the many tools that affiliate marketers use in their efforts. For those that are just starting out, you need information on how to increase blog traffic, which ultimately increases your sales and income.

1. Your Content

One of the most important ways to increase blog traffic is through the content that you provide on your blog. The content that you provide should be rich in highly popular keywords and keyword phrases, but these keywords cannot just be anything you think of. They have to be directly related to the theme of your blog and the products that you are trying to market. For example, you would not choose a keyword phrase like “anxiety disorder” for products related to computers.

For content, it should be original. Part of the effort to increase blog traffic is done through pinging your blog. What this means is that your blog can be marked through pinging to draw the attention of search engines. The search engines can then drop by whenever they take a notion to and create a cache or index of your content.  The indexes are then used to rate your blog site and put you in the ranks accordingly. The most coveted spots are on the first page, since people generally use the results on the first page to find what they are looking for. This will also increase blog traffic.

2.  Use Google Reader and Social Bookmarking

Google Reader allows you to increase blog traffic by signing up and sending the RSS feeds from your blog through this program. When the Reader program has these feeds, it will then index your blog, similar to pinging, which helps you in your search result’s position. Remember: higher search engine positions lead to an increase in blog traffic.

Social bookmarking is quickly becoming known for one of those must have tools that bloggers and affiliate marketers use to increase blog traffic. In similarity to pinging and Reader, you simply add your posts and other things to the social bookmarking sites. There are so many popular social bookmarking sites that you do not have to limit yourself to just the ones that you have heard of. Submitting to the popular social bookmarking sites is an easy way to increase blog traffic; these sites are specifically designed for people from all over the world to share links to sites and blogs, which gives you even more exposure.

3.  Use Other Blogs

One of the most beneficial things that bloggers can do to help each other increase blog traffic is post comments for each other. The idea is not to compete but to work together towards one common goal. You can also share page or post links on each other’s blogs, which also works doubly to increase blog traffic. The best thing to do is find other blogs that are related to yours, not with competing products, but rather with complimentary products, and contact the owner via email to make your intentions known.


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