When you are blogging to earn money, there are ways that you can maximize your earnings. There are specific things that you should be doing in order to draw more readers to your website, but there are many bloggers that find this task tedious. Blogging tools can help you, and there are tons out there for you to choose from. There are a few different ones, however, that are more popular for the results that they can provide. Blogging tools should be included as your regular marketing arsenal.

Category 1: Editing Tools

Part of your blogging includes creating and editing – lots and lots of editing. One of the more beneficial sets of blogging tools that you can have are editing tools. If you are like a lot of bloggers, you are using a hosting site that allows you to operate for free, so it makes sense to look for blogging tools that you can use for free as well. You can find quite a few free online tools, like Windows Live Writer Blog, Scribe Fire and WB Editor that can help you maximize your editing.

Category 2: Statistics Tools

When you are running a blog, especially for affiliate marketing purposes, you need to know the statistical information about your site, like how many hits (visitors) that you get in a specific period, how long the average reader stayed and other important information. Statistical blogging tools can be a valuable way to test certain types of marketing, especially when you change certain aspects of your site. These blogging tools can give you an idea of just how successful your efforts really are. There are quite a few different statistical tools that you can choose, and many of these are free to use. Yahoo has My Blog Log and Google has Analytics.

Category 3: News Aggregator

News aggregator  blogging tools are more commonly referred to as feed or news readers. These tools are designed to monitor and save the RSS feeds of your blog. The purpose of these types of blogging tools is to have a means of sharing your latest updates, not just with your RSS feed subscribers, but also to the search engines where they can keep a watchful eye. When search engines receive regular RSS feed updates, it can then rate your blog site even better, which as you know controls how much exposure that you get on the Internet. You can use reader blogging tools like Google Reader, Technorati and Blog Lines to accomplish this goal.

Category 4: Content Tools

As you should well know, creating the right content for your blog can be quite tedious. You have to research information about what you are posting, then you actually have to write (or type) the post in a way that draws in and holds your readers’ attention. Content blogging tools can actually help you accomplish this goal much easier and much quicker. By choosing content blogging tools like Press This from WordPress, you gain a whole slew of things that can help with your content creation. You can use these  tools to help you gather and keep track of your research, or even provide you with suggestions for keywords, tags, and other related things.


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