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If you would like to put together a collection of simple e-commerce stores to create a very considerable income per year, Niche Blueprint 2.0 shows you an easy-to-follow process to achieve that. Many scripts and tools are necessary to build a successful niche online store, and this course will teach you all of them in its massive collection of 27 manuals and 23 videos.

Not only is it an excellent course, but the customer support is unmatched. Other courses sometimes provide a lot of fluff, while leaving out the important stuff. Niche Blueprint 2.0 holds nothing back. The most important step in building a successful site with Tim and Steve is to begin taking action immediately. Simply watching the videos won’t build a site for you. You have to actually follow their advice. If you do, your success is inevitable. A good way to use the program is to watch the video all the way through one time. Then watch it a second time, but follow their directions carefully as you do.

Setting up the store is a breeze, and takes hardly any time or effort at all. Most of your time will be spent brainstorming on which niche to pursue and locating a drop shipper. Luckily, when you buy Niche Blueprint 2.0, you get access to a free drop shipper catalog. This invaluable resource will easily allow you to pick a drop shipper of your choice. Even better news is that the entire system: finding a drop shipper, choosing your niche, getting your store on the web and marketing your store – will take no longer than 7 days.  The slowest part of the process is waiting on Google. It takes them about one or two weeks to index your site and start sending customers to your store.


Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review | Niche blueprint Review | Niche Blueprint 2.0 | Niche Blueprint


So why is Niche Blueprint 2.0 better than the last version?

The biggest upgrade is the addition of a lot of exciting new software. This upgrade makes it even simpler to begin a revenue stream with the Niche Blueprint course.

Not only that, but there has been some minor alterations to some of the videos. They are now even easier to understand.

Below are just a few of the great many tools you will receive with Niche Blueprint 2.0:

The Ecommerce Niche Finder –  An innovative new tool to spark your creative juices. The Ecommerce Niche Finder is a tool which systematically scours millions of possible markets to help you pick the best possible money maker.

Keyword Blueprint – A tool that allows you to research potential keywords for SEO. With Keyword Blueprint, you’ll be able to find the keywords which have few competitors. This will allow you to rank high on Google and drives large amounts of traffic to your store.

The new innovative push button software – Creating your e-commerce site has never been easier with The new innovative push button software. Even if you’re new to website creation, there is no need to worry. This new software is a huge improvement over the previous edition. You will have a large number of sophisticated templates to choose from – included in Niche Blueprint 2.0.

Included is a much improved version of “Dropship” Blueprint with thousands more suppliers and products just a click away and with a beautifully designed new intuitive interface.

Traffic generation will never be a problem, since there are some fantastic new tools and techniques in Niche Blueprint 2.0, including Article Blueprint – which can turn a single article into many and get them listed in high quality directories.

Authority Hub – A tool that locates high Google ranked hubs for you to link to, thus improving your own search engine rankings.

Let’s not forget Link Blueprint – A truly innovative 3-way linking system that Google can never detect.

Let’s take a quick glance at all the Niche Blueprint 2.0 modules:

Module 1 – Getting Familiar With the Program

This module lets you get comfortable with all the tools that you’ll be learning about. You’ll receive an introduction to every aspect of Niche Blueprint and how they all piece together like a puzzle. This module will teach you what you can expect to master by the end of each of the other modules.

Module 2 – Time to Select Your Niche

This module will guide you through the decision process of choosing your niche. You will learn how to select a wide variety of options for your Niche Blueprint store, then narrow those options down with some fast, but effective, web research. By the conclusion of this module, you should have 3 potential niches for your store. Of these, you will finally select the best contender and will begin working on conquering your chosen niche.

Module 3 – Locating The Suppliers and Finding the Right Price for Your Products.

Module 3 will teach you how to use DropShip Blueprint, in addition to many more ways to find quality suppliers for the products you will feature in your store. Module 3 will also teach you how to figure out the optimal price point for each of your products.

Module 4 – Domain Name Selection

In this Module you will learn how to find a great domain name with which to represent your new online business. It is important to find a domain name that is a near optimal solution for your site. To achieve this, you will be given some criteria and some excellent tools.

Module 5 – The Creation of Your Niche Blueprint Store.

In this Module you will learn how to create your online web store.  The Module will also show you a fast and easy way to install and set up your Niche Blueprint E-Commerce platform (a script that comes packaged with Niche Blueprint 2.0) and how to configure the appearance of the site and your catalog. Don’t worry if you have never installed a script. This module will show you how easy the process actually is. By the conclusion of Module 5, your Niche Blueprint Store will be off the ground.

Module 6 – Attracting Buyers

This might be the most crucial Module. Module 6 will teach you how to attract shoppers to your newly formed website. The Module will teach you how to attract loads of free traffic from Google and other search engines. To achieve this, you will need to learn a bit about search engine optimization. Module 6 will help you every step along the way, covering all of the strategies needed to get your store ranked high on all the search sites. Not only this, but it will also teach you how to advertise for traffic via a PPC campaign so that you can drive even more traffic if you’d like.

Module 7 – Maintenance of Your Niche Blueprint Store

So you’ve got your store off the ground, and have begun to get some traffic and some income. Now you will learn all the regular maintenance you need to do for your store to continue producing a revenue stream.

This is also a crucial module as you will learn how to manage affairs so that your customers are happy and give you lots of repeat business.

Module 8 – Outsourcing

Now that your store is profitably chugging along, you may wish to learn about outsourcing some of the more remedial tasks. In this manner, you can generate passive revenue and have a nice income while you are watching TV or playing at the park with your kids. In Module 8 you will learn all about outsourcing and where to find the help you want.

Module 9 – Selling Your Store

Module 9 will teach you how to sell the store you have built. Selling your store is something you might consider if you want to make a large amount of money in a shorter period of time. The Module will teach you where the best places for selling and how to come up with a fair price.


Tim and Steve’s proven track record definitely remains intact with Niche Blueprint 2.0. Like their other products, this one is outstanding. Even people with no internet knowledge will be able to follow this clear step-by-step program.

The Niche Blueprint system most definitely works, but only if you follow the step-by-step directions and take action! All the materials needed for a profitable online store are in the program. Most products attempt to get you to buy additional software or products, but not this one. There is no doubt that all the extra tools available are worth way more than the incredible low launch price. Make no mistake, if you are serious and want to get your profitable online store up and running quickly, this is the best product on the market. Don’t wait and take advantage of this low launch price today!


Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review | Niche blueprint Review | Niche Blueprint 2.0 | Niche Blueprint


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