This new twitter app has been designed to make tweeting a lot simpler and less time consuming. You can comfortably manage all aspects of your account from one location, and it has a built in traffic network designed to send you free traffic to your website when you post updates from inside the app as well.

It was developed by Mike Filsaime and if you know anything about Mike, then you know that this will be a viral traffic generating machine for you.

This twitter app has a similar user interface to popular twitter apps such as Twirl and TweetDeck, where you have different panels for the Twitter Stream, your @ replies, and your direct messages.

However, what makes TweetGlide different, and more importantly, what gets you traffic is the additional panel called the “Members Ad Stream” where your ad (which looks like a twitter post) that you created from inside the app will be displayed on other TweetGlide users “Ad Stream” panel.

It is credit based and all you have to do is post, like you usually do, and you will earn ad credits, which will convert to your ad being displayed in the stream.

Additionally to getting credits for posting, you will get credits for referring other members, and even more credits for members your referrals get to use TWeetGlide – up to 5 levels down!

The software also has a built in URL trimming feature. This is very convenient since it is no longer necessary to go to the Tiny URL or other services directly.

As a regular Twitter user you certainly know that there is a 140 character limit. Well, it doesn’t exist using this twitter app. TweetGlide has a built-in feature that enables you to tweet an unlimited amount of characters. Your entire tweet will be viewable on the website, and your followers will have the choice to click a link if they wish to “read more”.

In conclusion, TweetGlide makes tweeting a lot simpler and certainly less time consuming.

However, it doesn’t stop here, one of the best features is…you can download it for Free! So, if you like TweetDeck, you will definitely love TweetGlide.

Check out TweetGlide and download it for FREE!


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