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In a process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i.e. when humans are flirting with robots, some caution could be a plus.  Young and restless webmasters tend to make site rating better than it really should be, and, as a result, the rating instead of increase can get a sudden reduction.  Several common errors of this type are discussed below.

Graphic Header Placing page-wide image with a logo, company name, some related graphics and text within the image, at the head of the page is quite typical and rather slick way to design a site.  It usually looks nicer to human eye than a typed text, but from SEO standpoint this is not the best idea.  The top area of the page carries most valuable space for text heading (h1 tag) and the major key words and phrases.  Graphic information is beyond reading ability of a robot, and it takes valuable space.  Better approach: run your h1 text heading with keywords and initial text above the graphic header.

Hidden Text In the process of placing keywords in their site many beginners eventually are getting the same “bright” ideas: to place a large number of keywords invisible to visitors (using background color for the text, stuffing large number of keywords in no script areas of the code, and so on).  It looks like a cool thing, but in reality it is very uncool!  SE can catch it and will punish the site.  In general, it is worth to remember that search engines do not like spamdexing (cheating with SEO) and theire robots are specifically trained for recognition of such tricks.

Redundant usage of h1 tag The words posted under h1 (heading 1) tag are assigned higher rank.  Usage of keyword phrases under h1 heading is a must.  However, making more than one limited string under h1 tag, or tagging this way whole text is punishable.  It is safer to use h2 and h3 tags for other headings, and keep h1 used just once.

Last Tip. SEO is an important way of getting web traffic, however, one should never count on this tactics as a sole source of visitors.  After all, every web site is serving people, not web crawlers, and so, making your site dependable on SE algorithms which tend to change time to time is not wise, it can cost a lot of lost traffic.  The best approach is to use a combination of all affordable and honest means of traffic generation, in all their variety.

Good luck!

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