Smart bloggers count on article marketing for receiving keyword focused links.  They publish articles to a giant number of article sites.  Because the Big G won’t index duplicate content, huge numbers of those articles aren’t destined to be indexed, reducing the purpose of writing to many directories.  Article Marketing Automation primarily consists of a ever increasing array of websites that articles are posted on.  Following the joining of a blog to the AMA system, you can select the post categories you will post, so you needn’t be concerned that your credit weblog is besieged by self-help submissions.   At the simplest, all you have to do is relax and know that the website will fill automatically with articles.

Upon submitting an article, you choose categories, when to start distributing and tags.  You can spin the title, the text itself,  URLs and anchor text.  It’s amazingly flexible.  What’s article spinning?  Using multiple delimiters you do provide several unique phrases. After you finish pasting in your submission, you will be allowed for sentence re-writes, such that you should re-write the original article sentence by as many as 10 separate variants.  The time you put into creating as many variants as you can is clearly time well spent.  It yields uniquely variable posts over unique web sites and blog types without duplicate content and all sorts of new, keyword focused back links.  After submitting, the articles are drip-fed into the content network in order for back links to get randomly.

The no cost version of Article Marketing Automation enables you to add blogs for recieving posts.  You can use this version to set up blogs, and someone else writes submissions for.  It’s only a small subset of the ultimate usefulness of the system, because one is allowed to do anything to the submissions you get, except publishing them elsewhere or removing the given links. You have the right to monetize them with ads or add your own affiliate links, etc.

The pay option of Article Marketing Automation permits you to submit your own entries with up to three backlinks of your own choosing.  The cost free variant will provide you articles, but the paid membership will get you backlinks and is able to be used for linking to your own sites.  This is of course, where you will see the highest benefit.  At $47 per month, you obviously ought to be careful that you are writing and spinning submissions, as otherwise you are wasting your investment.  Hopefully this Article Marketing Automation review was informative to you.


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