eBay is a well known great website with a outstanding affiliate program designed to assist make money your sights. Due to Google’s current trend for de-indexing BANS sites, you’re going to do better with a normal site that adds eBay feeds to your posts and pages, but isn’t the sole reason for your website. Some BANS problems are the astronomical quantitiy of obvious affiliate sites built using it, the templating problems, and content concerns, that result in it being more difficult using than different systems. Wade Wells’ phpBay Pro fixes this difficulty by trivially adding eBay feed listings into your existing blog.You won’t regret it.

Getting it installed is no big deal at all, as it installs as a standard WordPress plugin. After this, you merely complete activation of it and configure your intended configuration. This includes putting in your Campaign ID.It’s a big deal — don’t forget!

Afterwards you in a nutshell emplace a trivial bit of code in every posts, and voila you have eBay items in your pages. Code inside the tags yields you the search term, the number of listings displayed, eBay category number, and what negative terms you need to quantify your search.Don’t forget this part.

eBay search results typically return a high number of listings. In most cases this will not find you the specific item you are looking for, because of the high number of things listed on eBay. Due to this fact phpBayPro’s negative search term ability comes in handy to filter out the unnecessary results.

phpBay Pro utilizes the cloaked links function, in order that the Big G will not assume you are a thin affiliate web site. Most BANS websites have been de-indexed due to this fact, so definitely write some enlightening information up additionally to be seen as a full fledged site instead.



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