The main goal of any web site should be to get attention and get as many people as you can to visit your web site. Whether your website is commercial or not then sooner or later you are going to want to attract visitors. You want the majority of visitors to come from search engines. Certainly, the lowest cost and best targeted traffic will always be brought to you by the search engines.

Search engines make money through presenting searchers with answers they are looking for. The number one goal of every search engine is to attract users and increase loyalty and this can only be done by delivering what the searchers are looking for in a relevant and timely fashion. The more often the searchers return the greater the search engines fortunes. You and your web pages face a similar challenge. Persuade users to come back to your web pages repeatedly.

So what should you do?. You have two choices but there is nothing to stop you doing both if you have money and time. You can write useful and relevant content, or you can use the advertising methods offered by search engines and other properties.

As far as all the search engines are concerned nothing exists on the internet without a keyword or a key phrase. Searches always begin with the entry of a keyword or phrase into the ‘search box’. The keyword entered by the user causes the search engine to search its indexes for the most accurate and relevant web pages. Search engines use relevance and authority to decide what pages get returned and presented to the searcher.

Authority is determined in the main by search engines view of how many back links a web page has and relevance is related to the presence of keywords in the content of the web page(s). The profile in terms of authority and the volume of back links are used by the search engines in deciding the position or ranking of a web page in the list of search results.

Back links determine the fate of a web page and are a key consideration.

Back links have two key uses – influencing the search engines ranking decisions and directing traffic to your web site from other internet properties. Users finding web pages with back links to your web page will click on your back links and visit your site if the keyword text in your back link is relevant to what they are searching for. The text label on a back link is often commonly called ‘Anchor Text’ and is used by search engines in the algorithms that determine back link value. Whilst all back links are of value some are more valuable than others.

The search engines give authority to web pages, which can be passed on to your web pages through the back links.Significantly authoritative web pages can pass some of their authority through the back links to your page.


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