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It is a well known fact that to rank well in Google, a site must have other websites linking back to it. Although some webmasters use reciprocal links to achieve this, SEO experts say that these are no longer as effective as one way links. If you can get enough one way links to your site, you can get to the top of Google results and get the traffic and sales that come with this position.

Although it can be incredibly hard to get a lot of one way links, especially from sites in your niche (the most effective), it is possible to use a method called three way linking, which makes links that appear to be one way links to Google’s robots.

In this article we will look at three important factors to consider when using three way linking. These things are what keywords you should select, what sites you should partner with and how to request a three way link exchange. If you have read and understand these three factors, you will do well with three way linking.

What Keywords Should You Select?

Although you will be amazed at the results when using a 3 way linking strategy, you must realize that you can’t be lazy with it. You must still make an effort to target the correct keywords. As with any campaign, three way links will not be as effective, if many people are competing for the same keywords. If you can find a keyword in your niche that has a high demand and a low supply, you are almost guaranteed to do well with the 3 way linking method.

You can choose several keywords in your niche. That way you can use different keywords, in different anchor text and Google will not penalize you for keyword spamming. There are many free tools online that will help you find the best keywords to target.

What Sites Should You Enter a 3 Way Link Exchange With?

The good news when using the three way linking strategy is that the site does not have to be in the same niche as yours to be of high value when it comes to Google. This is good news as it will make it much easier to find sites to link with.

Make sure you find websites to exchange with that are indexed by Google. They should have at least one page, other than their home page listed. Google prefers sites it has already indexed. If it seems like a hard task to find suitable sites to link with, you can use an automated software to do all the work for you. This software is rated very highly and is set it and forget it.

Requesting a Link Exchange

It can be very hard to find sites that will enter a three way link exchange with you. You can search for sites that are already involved in two way linking (reciprocal linking) and explain the benefits of three way linking to them. This can be hard, as some webmasters may regard these requests as spam.

An easier way to request links is to join a three way linking exchange. Many sites are registered with these exchanges, and it makes it much easier to set up three way exchanges. Many webmasters have enjoyed great success by using an automated linking software and register. By using this service you will see a huge page rank increase and an increase in traffic and sales within a short time.

What to Do Now?

So now you know the secret that successful webmasters are using to boost their page rank and leap up the Google search results. Three way linking is the most effective form of linking as far as Google is concerned. The best way to set up an exchange is to use an automated service that is by far the most effective way to do things. Therefore, what are you waiting for? The sooner you take action, the sooner you will start to see results.

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