by Kevin Sparks

search engine optimisation is not a complicated process at all but it can be extremely daunting until you start to fully understand what you have to do to make it work.

Before you start applying techniques to drive traffic to your site you need to research your keywords thoroughly and make sure your website has plenty of relevant content and keywords on it. This is called on page SEO.

Even though this part of the SEO process is only responsible for about 10% of the over success to your website being promoted successfully it can alone give you the edge over competitors so should not be taken lightly or indeed forgotten entirely.

Make considerable time to methodically add keywords into your pages visible content and also those not so visible areas like the meta and alt tags. Search engines use information stored in the tags, site map and website description to quickly identify what it is your site is about so take time to do this properly. Don’t repeat keyword after keyword though as this is basically Spamming.

Some black hat techniques like stuffing keywords into irrelevant areas are pushed by some so called ‘helpful’ SEO experts but this is definitely one tactic to avoid. Always attempt to add value to the reader.

There are also a few grey hat techniques that some people adopt like using white text on a website with a white background. The benefit being that the reader cannot see this text but the search engines think it is rich in content.

OK so this is not forbidden but its risky and what’s the point of upsetting a major search engine, after all you need them more than they need you. Just construct your website around good well written and interesting content and then you can’t go too far wrong.

One great SEO tactic and often overlooked by website owners that are promoting a product is a blog. Now this doesn’t mean to have to update it daily although that would help but weekly or even monthly posts would be considered good on page practice.

So what about off page SEO? For starters time is on your side and it has to be as many off page SEO techniques can take days, weeks or even months to work, so being patient is paramount for sure.

Links – They are the holy grail of SEO. Driving traffic to your site by having your websites URL on other websites and promoting your websites pages from other sites. Sometimes called link juice this method is by far the most important out of all of the SEO practices.

However you have make sure you don’t backlink from sites that are deemed inappropriate as this would devalue your link juice scoring – if there is such a thing! In short make sure you get links from relevant websites that have something to do with yours.

So many people make the common mistake of joining these 4000 links in one day systems that are known as link farms, don’t do it as it will damage your SEO campaign. I would also avoid three way linking systems although some smaller less known ones are OK…for now.

Links alone though will not necessarily get you sales so you need to make sure your website is built in such a way that you capture all potential customers that have the intention on buying not just browsing. This is hard to explain and very much depends on your niche.

SEO is actually not that difficult and when applied correctly can bring you many rewards, traffic and sales that you never use to have. SEO is all about the timely application of basic process, it certainly is not rocket science.

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