How many times have you seen that ad lately? Chances are that this ad or one similar to it has made it’s way to your inbox several times, maybe more.

You probably hit that delete button the minute you saw the word “IMMEDIATELY” didn’t you?

Well, the next time you get one of those ads, think again! You CAN make money almost immediately using Ebay and I am going to give you some tips on exactly how to do that.

Pick a product or item to sell
Ask yourself these questions as you choose what to sell to the public.
•    What are people looking for?
•    How much are they willing to pay for it?
•    Will the item require special shipping?
•    Basically, is there a market for this thing?

Answer those questions, meet the challenges presented, and you are on your way to ebay money, baby!

Now that you have something in mind, it’s time to…

Do some research
Go to Ebay and perform a few searches related to a particular product line. See what people are offering and IF the product you are selling is already being sold into oblivion. The idea is to get something new and exciting out there so people just can’t survive without it, and THEN be the only seller offering it to them!


A little research goes a long way for you here. You can learn what categories things are listed in, how much the market price is currently and what search terms are being entered. With this information, you can stay competitive.

Now you have a little education AND a product, it’s time to…

Write an AWESOME description
This is an important part of the Ebay listing and is the first thing that potential buyers see. Use descriptive words, adjectives and word groupings that catch the eye. Words like “free” and “no charge” have power! If you know a little basic HTML, use colors and font sizes to accentuate the WOW! factors.

Build the product up to “God” status but don’t lie! Just accent the positive and present the best mental picture possible.

Add a photo to the listing. Why? Because it’s FREE and people like to see what they are bidding on. A picture can sell a million items, folks!

And now it’s time to…

Put together an AWESOME package deal
People like free things and that word (FREE) will draw buyers to your listing. As an example, I used to offer my buyers a free keychain with every item bought and they absolutely ate it up. All you need to do is add the phrase **FREE BONUS** to your description. Curiosity will prevail and if you offer it, they will come.

Another way to draw buyers in to your listing is to figure the freight into the price of the item. In your description, you can tout “Free freight” as a selling point. Repeat that in the listing text body. This sounds simplistic, but it works!

Remember that these buyers never meet you or see you in person, so all they know about you is what they see on their computer screen.

Make a great first impression!

Ebay selling is very simple, just go for it…


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