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Targeting a specific group of people, that’s all that niche marketing really is once you boil it down. Past the numbers and the demographics, all you really want is for people to buy your product, right? Nothing else is important, really. Furthermore, finding your niche market, your target demographic, isn’t really as hard as it might seem. Sure, at first it may be alarming, trying to figure out how to find a niche market in billions of people, but with the proper tools and knowledge it is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack with a metal detector, a magnet, and some x-ray goggles.

The first step is for you to find a niche market that you would like to, not take advantage of, but use. What do you like? What do you want them to like? The best place to funnel your choices down would be a search engine. Yahoo, Google, MSN, it doesn’t really even matter these days which one you use. They’re all almost completely the same, except for, which is without a doubt the superior search engine to date. So, you’re looking for a particular market group and let us say for the sake of demonstration that you are the man who invented lighters. But it is present day.

The biggest secrets of keyword research are to find a niche topic that is going to be profitable which may mean making use of keyword databases as well as pay per click engines so that you can come up with lists of keywords that are going to prove profitable and which relate to the topic you have in mind.

In order to find topics that are going to be profitable for you, you will need to look at people who would be willing to purchase something and who are on the hunt for the best as also cheapest method of doing so. So, it is easy to see that any pay per click advertisements would prove effective only if the visitor can take action on these advertisements.

You also need to look at certain things before making a judgment about pursuing a topic and these include pay per click metrics such as price, popularity and also competition. When you look at the popularity of the topic you can be assured of getting more clicks if the topic relates to something that is popular which will also make the chances of converting into a sale better. However, such topics are mostly very competitive which is where it becomes necessary to make an analysis of the niche, because often even low popularity can result in good profitability.

The price of the product being promoted decides your margins of profit which means you may have to start with items that are priced low. Also, secrets of keyword research lie in the fact that you need to learn that markets with high levels of competition may mean the chances of making money are better, and so you may need to check how popular a topic is by getting search estimates for monthly periods from any available lists.

You can also learn other secrets of keyword research and that is to visit the Yahoo bid tool and learn of the topmost bids, and another secret of keyword research is to try Google Adwords account to get an idea. All you need to do to use these secrets of keyword research is visiting tools, traffic estimator and then put in your keyword and also select maximum cost per click that you can afford to pay as well as a daily budget. After this, the traffic estimator should show you the results, and it may come to your attention that the most numbers of clicks are obtained by a very select number of keywords, which are the ones to make your ads revolve around.

So the steps to finding your niche market are these: Observe your target audience. Find out what they like, find out what they dislike. Mold your ad campaigns toward them. Going back to the example, a commercial for lighters could go for something like this:

In addition, with this kind of software you can build lists of potential keywords and also not need to spend much time manually researching. This is a secret of keyword research that is well worth getting familiarized with if you want to succeed with your online marketing campaigns. This keyword research can also be used to make a lot of money with article directories. Article directories allow authors to add their articles to your site. Most of the time the authors have already done the keyword research for you, and they are adding very valuable articles to your site for free, and you can get the Adsense clicks of them.

You have to understand that to find a niche market you have to research them. The most important weapon that any ad campaign can have at their disposal is their ability to discover information on their clients.

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