If you want to increase your output or the rate that you push out these articles then you need to consider using plr articles. There are good and bad plr suppliers so test a few out before making any sort of long term commitment or subscription. I use a number of sources from individual writers to large organised providers such as plrpro. Once you have your plr content to hand then you need to look at how to use and rewrite plr articles content to get the best result for your purchase.

You must in the first place acknowledge that these plr articles are cheap and not ready to go. they need some work. It is worth taking this as a given and do not let it bother you. I recently bought 120 articles in the credit card niche for $10. I recognise that only half will suit my needs. I do not feel I have wasted my money. I usually find that not all the purchased plr content is too my liking but at least half will be good enough. I am a bit choosy about what I include in my articles. This is not a problem as long as you acknowledge from the start that you are buying into a package that will only have about 50% of useful articles.

The second point is to make sure you have your own set of keywords ready. I do not usually use the keywords supplied because they do not focus on my target audience. I usually prepare a good set of keywords before starting my writing so that it stays focussed and on topic.

Lastly you will need to rewrite these plr articles to some extent. Do not submit them without changing them by a minimum of 25%. I always change mine by at least 50%. You must ensure that your articles is unique.

To know how to use and rewrite plr articles content you can get a free tutorial on article writing by going to the mega article website. This website is for new article writers who are learning the whole process of how to write an article that gets read and gets the click through.


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