Top Paying Adsense Keywords versus Good Paying Adsense Keywords

Google Adsense is a very popular easy way to earn Passive Residual Income from the World Wide Web. There has been many research and studies by internet marketers to maximize their adsense earnings and you will learn the simplest way to increase your income with the tips below which include a Free download of what has been discussed.

Many website publishers search high and low for a list of high paying keywords. You will find these questions in forums all the time. This is because adsense publishers know that the formula to High Adsense income are based on 3 main factors

1. Traffic – The higher page impressions, the more chance you will get clicks on your ads.
2. Click Through Rate (CTR) – The higher the click through rate, the more visitors you receive.
3. Value of Clicks or High Paying Clicks = Keywords – The higher the value of clicks, the more income you will receive.

Thus the formula is:
Earning = Traffic x CTR x Click Value

However, the era of high paying adsense clicks ( cost per clicks ) of $30 – $50 are over. Even if you do find these high paying clicks such as Insurance, Cancer, Debt, you will notice you have the least chance of competing to get traffic as these niches have been conquered by the BIG BOYS.

Not that it is impossible, but it will take a lot of time, dedication and effort to achieve some results.

So what we can do is, instead of finding HIGH paying adsense keywords, we find GOOD paying keywords with lower competing pages which you can easily rank higher in search engines and enjoy natural search engine traffic.

Top paying Adsense keywords Downloads

Here is a compiled file of 200 Good Highest Paying Keywords you can download for FREE which is based on 15 categories of a very good niche “Sustainable Development”.

You can use these keywords to build a website with articles and start enjoying good paying clicks for your website. You can also download more Free softwares, tools and ebooks to help you in your internet marketing at Internet Marketing Consultant website at


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