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No business can survive without customers; to have customers you need to have lots more people know that your business exists. In a conventional business, owners seek out a position that makes the business highly visible. With an online business, you need to get visitors or traffic to your website. Traffic tools are what you use to attract these visitors to your business.

The goal of these tools is to get the people to the “door” – to the door of the shop or to click on the link to the website of the internet business. Once the people are there, it is up to the site, the product or service, the customer service and the information provided, to make the actual sale.

This topic of getting more traffic is one of the most popular on the internet, and so it has attracted thousands of “experts”, programs, reports, ebooks and gimmics. A lot of this information is really good, but you will need to sort the oats from the chaff. You will find many free resources as well as those that you pay for or join a membership site and pay a monthly fee. Look for those programs that have been around for a while, and those being used by the person offering it; examples of these are the viral methods and Stealth Traffic Tools.

If you are just getting started in internet marketing, attracting traffic to your site so you can make a sale is vital to your success. Spend some time researching the topic, and look for a few free methods to help you get started. Once the ball is rolling, you can look into other methods of getting traffic.

You will read lots of jargon, outrageous promises, many “new” secrets, many versions of “the latest traffic method” and unbelievable results – the key to remember is “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Try not to get caught up on the hype; look at multiple programs before making any decisions and use your own common sense when assessing different traffic tools.

Once you have selected a few traffic programs, put them to use. You will need to know which methods are producing the best results, so you must track each traffic tool that you use. You should drop the non-performing ones and keep those that bring you traffic volume, targeted traffic and sales, looking for ways to tweak them and improve results.

Attracting lots of visitors to your site is fantastic, but remember that it is the sales these visitors generate which are the bottom line. Consider how much better it would be if you could attract targeted visitors: people who are interested in your particular area of expertise or are already looking for what you have to offer. Using SEO optimization, social networking, blogs and forums allows you to attract the people who are most likely to buy form you or who will keep returning to your site for more information.

The more research you do into traffic tools, the more you will start to recognize the real experts. Genuine programs will be the ones that offer you a money back guarantee, have statistics as proof of what they are claiming and show testimonials that come from real people. Look for programs that encourage feed-back and questions from interested business owners.

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