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In SEO and internet marketing many people are seeking the same thing. It has been around for years and will be so for a long time.
That theme is that of the Big Red Button or sometimes the ‘Big Green Button’. Essentially many folks are looking for a one touch solution to their problems.
Over the years there have been many attempts to make such a tool. One that deskills the tasks but includes knowledge and skill behind the scenes, enabling newcomers to earn large amounts of cash.

Some of you may recall Traffic Equalizer and others have used PortalFeeder; still others probabaly bought some of the less successful copycats.

Now Pete is aiming at the target. The question is this: Has he got what it takes wrapped up in the form of his Brute Force SEO

Because we do not have too much info on the final product we can not be sure, but what we have already seen does give a positive appeal.
Importantly, because the techniques are those I use myself, I already know they work. That means his toolbox simply has to deliver what he claims because the strategies and techniques DO work.
Let me explain…

A couple of years ago I came up with a set of tactics that enabled me to earn very good money from certain kinds of product launches. Buyers and prospects were using keywords that I had already hijacked in Google’s first pages. It became possible for me to show colleagues pages in Google where I had almost all the top 20 results pointing at my pages. If I was marketing a product then you would come to one of my pages for information!

My own system made me a lot of money but took a long time to set up and was entirely hand built.

A few months ago Peter Drew started to market tools that duplicated techniques I was implementing by hand. Each one, as it came out, I bought. As he sold the individual packages I was asking myself when he would package them up as a single product.

Pete just did that, and a lot more. It is called Brute Force SEO

Next post we will start to look at just what Bruteforce SEO has to offer us.


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