If you think about it, writing a story is the same as writing an article. It is as if you’re narrating something through written expressions and you reach out to your audience through words. You need a medium worthy of your idea if you are writing something. And, one of the most widely held mediums in the world is your computer. Needless to say, the conventional dragging of pen across paper and the physical act of forming words with ink is still the best known vehicle in squeezing out your ideas, thoughts, and views. However, in this day and age, the convenience of a keyboard and monitor is deemed as a modern means to lock in your earth-shattering concepts.

In the way things are now, various online article hubs have greatly served as an effective channel for different purposes. If you want to generate web traffic to your site, make your business known to a great number of people online, and most important, if you want to apply marketing by writing an article/s as a way of promoting a particular product/service, article writing is the surest way to go. As simple as that! But then again,just like with SEO, there are a couple of things an article writer like you must have before you begin typing words in your keyboard, defile that blankness and say no to oblivion.

· You must have an interesting subject or topic for your article – This is a no-brainer. Of course, you need to have an attention-grabbing and worthy of note topic to charm your readers. Although the emergence of article distribution sites materialize as a way of increasing your rank in major search engines, still, engaging and prioritizing your audiences’ interest will play an extremely different role.

· You must have the time to research related points of interest linked to your subject – Have your basics in place. Writing an article requires one to have an extensive knowledge concerning the subject matter laid before him. You can’t simply write about Health or Self or Improvement or Website Design if you don’t even have that much information in your hand. Although you need not be an expert article writer in order to come up with a scintillating flow of words, having various sources to support your subject matter in general is more than enough to back up your ideas.

· You must have a sequential flow for your articles – It is mentioned in the first part of this piece that writing an article is like writing a story. Meaning to say, the flow of your content the coherent and commonsensical progression of words must be formed in a manner that is intelligently organized and concisely expressed.

· You must have an approach that does not boldly indicate hard selling of your product/service – If you’re into internet marketing and your online business relies heavily on various article submission sites, it is important that your written articles don’t express too much product buildup. Although this piece of advice is as elementary as primary school, still, there are a lot of article writers who put significant effort in hard selling their product/service through writing that they tend to lose an expert approach. Keep in mind, over publicity of your product/service expressed in your articles is considered a violation to various article submission sites’ standards. Remember the fact that readers are in for some general information about a specific subject matter, and if they see your article as just one of those pieces of work promoting a particular product/service, they will less likely peruse through your article, and worst, less likely to visit your site.

So, whether your article’s main focus is to get more sales or just blog about the things you loved talking about, it is better to sound natural. If you’re into marketing, subtly pre-sell and remember not to go overboard. Now, that is way acceptable!



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