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Everyone knows that no matter what you have to work to make money, but what if you could change the way you work drastically, many people are interested in how they can earn residual income. This income source is described as doing something once and getting paid for the same task over and over again each and every month.

To most, this sounds like another scam that has been brought on by the internet. However, there are people who are making their living off of residual income and never have to work a day in their lives. They vast in money coming in every month, and if they so choose they can work a few hours during the week to make a little bit more for their pocketbook.

The internet has opened up a lot of doors, as many people already know. And, thanks the internet earning residual income has never been easier. The trick is to join a program that offers the service to earn this kind of income. People come in and join after you, therefore anything that they do will automatically come back as a positive income source for you as well.

Earning residual income has become everyone’s life long dream, per say. Millions of people, work anywhere between 50 to 90 hours a week just to bring in enough income to support their families. In doing this the time that they have with their family is scarce, and they almost become victims to their employment.

You are always told that the things that matter the most are your family. However it seems like you have to work more then be around the ones that matter most. It’s kind of an oxymoron, when you honestly ponder about it. If family is supposed to be such a great thing, and that is the reason why we work, why should work be able to force us to stay away from them?

To better understand residual income; let’s compare it to a real life event and you be the judge of what sounds better to you. Let’s say you enter into an internet business, this business consists of selling a variety of e-books to customers. An e-book is an electronic book online that is available via download that explains a particular thing. So, let’s say this is what you do, you sell these books.

After the sale is completed you have nothing else to do with the customer. They receive their merchandise and you get money for a one time sale, and then you proceed to move onto the next expectant customer. Residual income does not work like this.

Ok, lets create a residual income scenario. You sell an e-book and have an additional link on that book that tells the person they can gain more knowledge by visiting a particular site. The customer is interested so they visit the site. The site tells them that they have to pay $20. 00 per month to be a member they pay this amount. Now, this person has joined underneath you, which means every time they pay their monthly fee you get a percentage off of it. This is how residual income can work to benefit you.

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