by David Lim

I started a site about online home businesses a few years ago. The site serves as a guide to somebody looking to start a home business and I do not really sell anything on the site.

Once in a while, I will get an email that will read something like this:

“Sir, teach me how to make money.”

For the first year or so, I painstakingly crafted a few paragraphs as my reply, essentially repeating what I said on my website. I would also ask about the background of the sender, so that I may be in a position to better understand what he wants and what he can do.

Most of the time, the sender did not bother to reply. In fact, I don’t think I can remember a time in which I did get a reply. Obviously the sender was looking for a simple answer, and I didn’t provide that.

I remember an email from someone who likes my site very much, and wants to know how he can sign up. I took the trouble to tell him that my site is an informational site and that it does not have a join button.

I designed electronic circuitry and wrote software programs for a living. I studied electronics engineering for 3 years at the polytechnic to get my diploma, and it was only after about 5 to 10 years of working experience that I consider myself good enough to ask for a salary of a few thousand dollars a month.

Many sites will tell you that you can potentially make a few thousand dollars a month if you work their program. Every single time, they will also tell you that anybody can do it and no experience is needed. In fact, they will tell you that an unemployed odd job laborer made $1200 after his first month on their program, or something similar.

What can I say except, “Use your head.”

If somebody approached you on the street, and offered you $100 to deliver a parcel for him to a downtown address, would you do it? The errand would only take half an hour of your time, and he would pay you on the spot.

You will not run the errand right? You will make some kind of excuse, walk briskly away and never look back right?

You know that nobody is going to offer you $100 for a half an hour job with no strings attached. There is definitely a catch. He is hoping that greed will take over and you will accept the job.

The Internet has been called the great equalizer, or the most revolutionary development in the history of human communication, or the information superhighway. Whichever superlatives you use, the same rules regarding money still apply to the Internet. Money still has to be earned and competition for it is extremely keen. So, the sooner you get off “the roads are paved with gold” mentality, the sooner you will start putting in the time and work needed for a successful home business.

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