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Getting paid to write can be a good way of making money on the net. There are many sites offering online earning opportunities that, as a writer, you can take advantage of. Or you can start your own site with your own articles.

Writing online content is not the same as writing in the offline world. The following is a short summary of writing in the online writing industry.

Who Can Write For Cash?

You don’t have to be an Ernest Hemingway or a T S Elliot to have somebody pay you to write online. What you do need is the ability to convey your ideas in a clear and concise fashion, and you should have good grammar and spelling as well.

On What Topics Do I Write?

The usual advice is to write about what you are familiar with and what you are passionate about. Your expertise and passion will come through and result in a well-written piece. But there will be occasions in which you will be constrained to a certain topic, but you can always choose to reject the project or look at it as a chance to learn something new.

Do I Get Paid Based On How Many Articles I Write?

Offline, you will normally get paid by the article, or by the column. There will be some cases in which you will get paid through royalties. Online, there are a lot of different ways by which you can get paid. The following are the more common ways through which you can get paid:

– By The Article Or Post. Some sites may pay you per blog post, perhaps a dollar or two per post. Some sites may pay you per article, or allow you to list your article for sale.

– By The Number Of Words In Your Article Or Post. You might be offered a fixed amount per word in your blog post or article. Rates vary, but at the moment, I would expect one to two cents per word to be fair for a start.

– By Impressions Or CPM. You publish your article on the website. You will get paid based on the number of times the articles is viewed by the site’s visitors, and by visitors from the search engines. At the moment, the rate is about $1.50 per 1000 views.

– By AdSense And Other Ads. You add your article to the site. On the same page as your article, the site will add Adsense and other ads. A certain percentage of the ads will be displayed with your affiliate or tracking code.

And In Conclusion,

The paid to write industry has evolved along with the Internet. Much of the demand comes from the SEO sector, which uses the content to get backlinks, improve page ranking, and increase traffic from long-tailed keywords. As the search engines evolve to take these SEO activities into account, it is very likely that there will be changes in the SEO sector in the near future and this will impact the paid to write industry.

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