WordPress Goldmine by Mark Thompson promises to teach you how to make money on line fast with a WordPress blog. It does, and it does it very well. This e-book and continuing video course is not the usual fluff and rehashed junk that gets in your way when you’re trying to find a good product that will teach you to make easy money online. It is the real and right stuff.

Either the e-book or the video series could stand by itself as a complete course. The combination of the two with the forum make an unmatched value.

The e-book is in five logically sequenced sections.You are shown the processes to build an online income and different kinds of sites. It is well written and stays on track throughout.

Section one, The Basics, examines the various ways of building your WordPress blog and the steps you need to take to get your blog up and running in as little time as possible. It takes you through theme and plugin installation and basic blog promotion.

Section Two of the book starts you with content and the different kinds to use in your blog. Mark covers everything from using PLR (Private Label Rights) articles to original content written by you or others. You’ll find a way to get unique content posted to your blog regularly and at no cost.

Section Three is the money section. In my opinion, you’ll be repaid for the product many times over using what you learn in it. Mark explains, clearly, the ways to monetize a WordPress blog. He tells you in depth how he made $20,000 with a single blog post. The plan in this book is realistic. Others are not and will tell you that you’ll be raking in many thousands of dollars in just 30 days. You’ll find those plans not achievable. There’s no pie in the sky here. Follow this plan and you’ll be earning an extra $1,000 per week by year’s end.

The fourth section is about blog promotion and getting your blog found so that you make sales. Keywords in titles and posts in the correct places are very important and Mark teaches you to do it right. Proper article writing with good titles, unique content and a correctly structured resource box is stressed. Free promotion using Web 2.0 social bookmarkingsites and social networking sites will help you avoid costly PPC.

Section five, Mastering Web 2.0, teaches you how to additionally promote the sites you’ve built so that you take them to the highest possible level and compete more effectively against any competitor.

I spent a lot of time telling you about the book. Now it’s time to take a quick look at the videos.

Rather than a paragraph about each video I’m going to let the titles provide the explanation of each.

Video 1 Choosing a Domain name; Follow Up Video 1 Ranking

Video 2 Choosing a Product; Follow Up Video 2 Converting an existing site to WordPress

Video 3 Setting Up a WordPress Blog; Follow Up Video 3 Using Clipmarks and Twitter

Video 4 Tweaking the Blog; Follow Up Video 4 The Jigsaw Video

Video 5 Promoting Your Site; Follow Up Video 5 BayRSS and EPN

Video 6 Checking Stats; Follow Up Video 6 Free Research Tools

Video 7 Datafeeds Part 1

Video 7 a Datafeeds Part 2

Video 8 Social bookmarking tips

Video 9 Round Up Monetization Methods

Video 10 The New Admin Area in WordPress

Video 11 Tracking Your Promotion

Video 12 Quick Research

Video 13 Creating Headers

In addition to the 20 videos above Mark takes you by the hand to show how it’s done with these three series

February Step By Step – Build an actual money making site as you watch

March Step By Step – Advanced Article Marketing

April Step By Step – Build two digital products

The WordPress Goldmine e-book is 127 pages long, and is accompanied with over 20 videos. The e-book and vidieos are updated as things change (for example, the version of WordPress). In addition to the e-book and videos you have access to a very lively forum.

WordPress Goldmine, without a doubt in my opinion is head and shoulders above 99% of the other similar products out there in quality and content. If you plan to buy one only internet marketing product this year, this should be your choice.

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