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Web 2.0 is the use of a social networking platform to expand business, besides the friendster, Facebooking, and Myspace, there is a tool that allows you to connect with the rest of the world, Twitter.

Twitter is a communication platform that is very simple to use as it only allows messages to be sent across the platform, thus making it very user friendly.

You can make use of to promote your Network Marketing / MLM business. We will share with you 3 important ways on how to grow you can use to expand your Network.


You can choose to “follow” people of similar interest. You need to start with at least one friend with the target interest, and you link up with his “followers” from there. After they have accepted your request to follow them, they may also return the favor by following you. From there you can communicate with them.

Your messages can be bout your life, some updates or sharing of information, or even questions. Only those following you can see your message. You may want to post some useful message to attract followers.

Increase exposure

When you are able to attract a number of followers that is interested in your messages, you can increase the exposure of your business.

Always share a link to your website when you post some useful information. When people find your messages useful, they will visit your link.

Direct Traffic to your Website

You can conduct a promotional campaign on Twitter by offering your “followers” a free trial o gift to your product or services. Another way to get traffic to your website is by offering a “gift” when people “follow” you. The “gift” can be a free e-book or a free trial.

You can also form a group on twitter, if you have a group of down lines or business partners, you can add them on twitter so you can update them on information and other things.

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