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If you want to get love from the search engines then you need to make sure your website remains updated and has fresh content. People talk about getting to number one on yahoo or Google, but they dont often tell you how difficult and involved in staying there.

The truth is this ” if you want to get to the top and stay there, you need to work hard and be prepared to tweak your website often to remain on or near the top of the search rankings. Why is this? Its simply because Google then sees your site as one that is current and up to date, rather than one which is out of date and hasnt been updated in months.

A lot of experts think that you need to make big changes, but that isnt the case. Updating your site could be as simple as changing a paragraph that just doesnt flow well, or adding a couple of extra links here and there, or any one of a dozen other small processes that serve as the ideal update to let the search engines know that you are still there, working to create a site that will be even better in the long term than it is in the short term.

Updating your site regularly also gives your visitor a reason to come back often. If the site surfer knows there is going to be some new content every time they visit your website, then they will come back more often to give you repeat traffic.

The trick is to make small changes often, rather than go for big changes only every now and again. Small and regular effort brings better results and more traffic both in the short and the long term.

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