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There are ideology about search engine optimization that could be true, one belief is that each search engine has a different algorithm that will help in deciding the ranking of a web page, and thus none of those pages will rank highly in all of the search engines. They also believe that keyword rich copy which the search engines would like isn’t text which they can put on their site whereby folk can see it, most particularly not on their front page. Sites must employ Flash animation since search engines can’t index these very well. For business sites, they also must have a cutting edge flash animation, heaps of graphic to be ready to please the search engines. Though some of these ideology might be partly true, let’s attempt to see things in a more detailed demeanor.

For your search engine algorithms, since they are sundry and do not change, there’ll always be SEO’s who would spend a great amount of time in looking into your search engine results and statistics. They will be working out each search engine current formula that will then be used for high rankings. Over the years there were many software programs that will crack the algorithms and automatically generate high-ranking pages for each engine.

But the hard thing about this strategy is when there’s a new algorithm that would happen, in this situation gateway pages will regularly drop out in the ranking sight and the new algorithm must be cracked again and a new gateway must be created again. This may be a never ending cycle which may take much of your time and in the long run will become very costly.

A simple, cleanly coded design ; well though about navigation, titles and meta tags that will help identify keyword phrases and links that accurately describe the contents of the site is what essentially all search engines appreciate. With this things present on your website, then there’ll be no need for you to break algorithms and these sites will be a probably high ranking site.

In writing keyword-rich copy, you must be a good copywriter to successfully achieve this. Good marketing copy can be written in such a way that it would sound great which stresses the benefits to the user and at the same time utilizes keyword phrases.

With regard to the belief about flash animation and graphics that has got to be present at the cost of a great content, is fully fake. It would be awfully long to hang fire till a picture completely loads into the site, thus any cutting edge graphic will never replace a great content for a domain. You will add a bit of animation and graphics, but this is to delight your web visitors and to add a small bit of zest to your internet site.

Now for your exact site optimization, you won’t need a second, third, fourth site for your SEO purposes. Convincing corporations of the reliability of your website is a challenge, so you have to ensure that you may be able to form helpful content within pages for long tern high rankings to take place.

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