by David Lim

I’m not an Internet marketer and I’m not trying to sell you something. Instead, if you are trying to make money on the Internet or starting an online home based business, I have a simple piece of advice for you. The advice I am talking about is:

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

If I could get inside your head, I know what you will think. “Who is this guy trying to fool? Tell me something I don’t know.”

I agree. When that husband of yours willing takes out the trash without being told, you know he’s going to drop a bombshell. Within the next 24 hours, he is going to start a conversation that will begin with, “Honey, remember when you said that we should tell each other everything? Even the not so nice things? Well,….” At least you enjoyed not having to tell him to take out the trash. 🙂

But do you apply the same skepticism to the online world?

You are bombarded with get-rich-quick sites on the Internet. You require no professional training, you don’t need to spend a lot of time, and the financial investment needed is minimal. Just join their site as a member and, after a month or two, you will be making more than a doctor does.

And they are thriving because despite their ridiculous claims, many people still get duped. It seems that when we come online, we leave behind our healthy skepticism.

And with their promise of early retirement and having more free time, who won’t be tempted? Some might actually be skeptical but wanted to try their luck. After all, it’s just a few dollars.

And I won’t think too much about the money lost when you decide to take a chance with these type of sites. But I would be very mindful of the time wasted on such sites. Money lost can be earned again, but time lost is gone forever.

And these kind of sites are all over the web.

The next time your encounter such a site, tell yourself that there has got to be a catch. Click the back button and continue whatever you were doing to build your business on the web.

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