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Email marketing programs are a revolutionary means of communicating created by the advances in web 2.0 technology. With the increase of e-commerce as a result of these same technological innovations, email is now one of the most important means of marketing products and services through the internet. Through email, companies and businesses have a time effective means of reaching many potential consumers. Through email, marketing copies get delivered directly to a persons inbox; companies no longer have to wait for consumers to come across their ads in the internet.

Video Email Marketing programs Power:

Video email marketing programs are an improvement to proven internet marketing text email strategies. Through video and audio email, your recipients no longer have to slog through text advertising copy. Even if your marketing copy contains wonderful graphics and engaging text, you cannot always expect an individual to read them when other email communications await their attention. That’s why for all the emails you sent in a day, only a minute fraction would respond to your advertisement and visit your web site.

Video email campaign software make emails more interesting than traditional text email marketing copy. Busy people will have more time to watch and/or listen than read copy. Your video presentation can be as short as thirty seconds. Studies have shown that most people will watch at least two thirds of that presentation. Given a good video email copy, this short span of time can be enough to peak your recipients interest in your product or services, create a personal bond and encourage them to take time off their busy schedules to visit your web site. If you doubt the impact of video and audio presentations as marketing tools, then you just have to think about the enormous boost in sales that result from TV infomercials and radio and triple it.

Video Email Marketing Programs Weaknesses:

There are reasons why some companies and marketing individuals have preferred sending antiquated graphic and text email advertisements rather than video email. One of the most popular reasons for some marketing professionals reluctance to shift over to video email marketing campaigns is the belief that recipients of these emails do not use the same video platforms and standards. There is just no way to determine the recipients level of computer technology so that the appropriate format of video could be sent to each persons inbox.

One other weakness is the large file size of each video email marketing copy. This obstacle is hardly something that can not be over come but this is nonetheless an issue.

Solutions to Video Email Marketing Program’s Problems:

Luckily, there are Video email campaign software systems that can solve the above mentioned challenges associated with video email marketing campaigns. To solve the large file size being attached problem, when you now send a video email it is streamed from a server. Kind of like accessing a video on a website except this video or audio message plays in the persons inbox making it much more of a personal message increasing your response rate. This means that you do not have to use any of the actual video file size in your video email marketing copy.

To solve the problem about incompatible video platforms, professional video email system providers have applications that can instantaneously detect the viewers video playing format the moment the recipients clicks the preview. The appropriate video is then selected and plays instantly. This means that every video email gets viewed and tracked properly whatever the recipients video standard.[youtube:e4INeRGcFP4;Internet Marketing and New Video Email Marketing Campaigns.;]

Given video emails flexibility and undeniable persuasive powers, isn’t it time to take advantage of video email in your internet marketing campaigns? I have built 3 companies in 5 countries using these systems before some of the problems where corrected. Now with the systems playing on all computers and formats with excellent quality the door is wide open for the internet marketers that are smart early adapters to separate themselves from everyone else and grab major market share in there advertising and/or recruiting.

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