Are you sick of putting your favorite game in your Playstation only to learn that it’s scratched and won’t work right? If you’re like me, you’ve developed special attachments to your favorite movies and don’t like to see them ruined. It’s even worse if your DVDs have special family memories on them that can’t be replaced. Fortunately, these scratches can usually be fixed. One easy way to fix a scratched disc is to buy professional software. The software will take the data from the scratched disc, retrieve the lost data and save it onto a hard disc drive so it can be recovered. This is actually a highly preferredway to repair your disc if you want to spend the money.

If you choose not to buy software and would rather fix it yourself, then a basic DVD repair kit may be the preferred way to go. A disc repair kit generally comes with everything that you will need to fix your DVD. The kit consists of a disc cleaning solution and soft white cloths. In order for the repair process to begin, you will first squirt the DVD cleaning solution onto the scratches. Next, use your cloth to wipe the DVD using very small, straight strokes from the centre of the disc outwards. Do not press down too hard because this could cause further scratching of the DVD.

There is also a less expensive do-it-yourself way to fix a DVD. All you need is some alcohol and a piece of soft lint free cloth. Gently dip the cloth into the alcohol, being careful not to soak it. After you have moderately dampened the cloth, take your DVD and rub the cloth on the disc in a gentle and straight motion. This is an excellent method for removing most scratches. In place of alcohol, you can use toothpaste, regular all-purpose house cleaners, and polishes to help repair your DVD, game disc, or CD.

The above methods may work but the best way to fix your DVDs is to use the skip doctor CD Disc Repair Kit. The SkipDR can fix up to 50 discs. The skip doctor works by fixing the scratches that are causing the disc to skip, stutter, and not play. This is a very affordable tool as well. You will [save hundreds of DVDs over a lifetime when using the skipdoctor. The SkipDR does it for you in 3 simple steps: spray, spin, and shine. Check it out the skipdoctor Disk Repair Kit.


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