Most of you probably already know that you can boost your search engine rankings by getting back links to your site, but how many of you are using blog comments to get back links?

You have probably heard that you shouldn’t waste your time with blog comments because the search engines don’t follow the link because of the no follow tag.

There is a trace of truth to this but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use blog comments to get back links because there are some blogs that don’t have the no follow tags on their comments.

WordPress by default adds the no follow tags to the comment section but there are people that will remove the no follow tags from your comments in return for you leaving comments. Believe it or not there is a way you can find these blogs with a search.

Before I get into what to look for to find blogs without the no follow tag, I want to cover comment etiquette.

Your comments MUST BE on the topic, if can’t come up with a comment on the topic don’t leave one.

If the post you are commenting on is about WordPress plugins, don’t leave a comment about sports fishing. This is common sense but you would be surprise at how many comments like this I delete.

You shouldn’t put a link in the body of your comment unless it is directly related to the post and is information that won’t fit in the comment itself, such as a video.

Most of the time when I set up a blog, I set the comments in the discussion area, so that if you put links in the body of the comment it will send your comment to moderation where I have to review and approve or deny the comment before it is posted. This stops all the spammy links.

Where the comment form asks for your name that should be your name, don’t stuff it with keywords. You can use a pseudonym, I use Randy The Hermit because most people know me by that. Your pseudonym can have keywords in it, if the keywords are related to you or your business only. And it should stay in the same on every comment. Besides if the no follow tags are in place, the keywords won’t help you in the search engines.

That is a general overview of blog etiquette, but you should never do anything in a blog comment that you wouldn’t want to be done on your blog. Even with the no follow tags you should still be posting comments, I bet you are wondering why?

There are a number of reasons why you should do this:

1.People will see your comments and your links, even if there is a no follow tag. If you put 4 comments on blogs per day you will end up with over 1,500 links in a year. These links will be seen by potentially tens of thousands of readers that might visit your site.

2.If you comment adds value to the topic of the post the author and readers will start to recognize your name, and you will be branding yourself as an expert.

3.Just like above if your comment is interesting people will click on your link out of curiosity just to see what else you have to say.

4.Some of the ad services and search engines, like Ask (the last time I checked) don’t read the no follow tag. With the ad services, this means that you site will look more relevant, and it could lead to higher pay outs on your ads.

If comments have the no follow tag activated, how do you tell?

One way is to go to the blog and find a post with comments and look at the page source, find the comment and see if it has no follow tag on the link. This is a pain but it works.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it that way. If you are using FireFox or Flock as your browser you can get an addon that will highlight all the no follow tags on a page. It is called SEO for FireFox, and you can get it from or you can search SEO for FireFox addon in Google.

This addon will give you a bunch of information that can be used for SEO but the one feature that we are interested in now is the no follow highlighting. What it does is look at all the links on the page your viewing and highlights all the no follow links in red. If the name in the blog comment isn’t red then the no follow is shut off on that blog.

People that run WordPress blogs want you to leave comments, and they don’t want spam comments so a lot of them have started using a plugin that rewards the people that comment frequently, this plugin is called Lucia’s Linky Love.

Once Lucia’s is installed, the blog master can set up the comments so that after a person makes so many comments the no follow tag is removed for that person.

It does require that you use the same name and the same email address for every comment (I believe I mentioned using the same name above).

The owner of the site can set the limit from 3, to whatever they feel like but most of the time if they are using the plugin it is set from 3 to 5. This means you will have to leave a relevant comment 3 to 5 times before the no follow tag is removed but when it is removed it is removed from any comments you make from there on.

Now I bet you want to know how this will help you when you are leaving comments. You can actually find posts that are using Lucia’s Linky Love but doing a search in Googles Blogsearch. Put your keyword phrase in quotes, than a plus sign (+), than in quotes Lucia’s Linky and you should find posts on topics that use this plugin. Make the minimum number of comments plus 1 and you now have started creating back links followed by all the search engines.

I use this on my blogs, and I have it set at three. Because I read the comments, and if they are spammy I delete them manual link spammers never get the three links they need. This encourages better comments and more comments.


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