by Wade Henderson

A few years ago we saw the birth of the dot com era, to which we provided tools for detecting and generating demand destined to software and service companies. We want to share here a few things we learned in terms of using Internet Marketing.

First of all, think the way your customers think. They do not use the internet to interact with brands or companies. They use it for various purposes: doing research, sharing with others, or just for the fun of it

People do not generally believe all features of a product or a service are real when it is the same company which is telling them so. The words and opinions of their friends and family about a product is more powerful than a company’s words. Internet marketing should be aware of this and instead of spending a lot of time describing what your product does, have other people talk about them.

One of the goals of Internet marketing should be giving people information that they can actually use at the moment of making purchases and not just spam.

When a potential customer enters you website, he or she is already looking for information about your company and they want to know what your stand for. Internet marketing enables customers to overcome bias.

Internet marketing seeks to touch people and get their attention. Their targets are people who use the internet for professional enrichment, fun, and high quality services.

Prospects create content, dialogues, and discussions around brands, even when these companies have never requested it.

Effective internet marketing combines entertainment, content, incentives, and improves the results of any action. Its goal is to share.

When you speak the language of your customers you improve your relationship with them and they can see it in the product you sell or service you provide.

A form of Internet marketing is the creating of forums or spaces where people have the opportunity to interact and share ideas about certain products. You may also use these spaces to tell the customers about your commercial process.

Your organization should generate stimulating experiences for the public which is the only way to get people to actually pay attention to your messages.

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