Internet viral marketing comes in many shapes and forms. People use videos, simple text links, email and large banner ads. They may buy mailing lists or get lists from free services. In order to be truly successful with this campaign, there are several steps that you should follow.

First, of course, you need to have a good product or service to sell. You probably already feel that you do have that. Initially, you need to isolate what sets your product or service apart from thousands of others.

Once you identify those features, you should attempt to turn them into benefits for clients. That’s how you will write brilliant copy on your website.  You could attract millions of visitors to your website with an internet viral marketing campaign, but if the copy on your website does not “sell” them, then it really won’t increase your business.

Assuming your website is top notch and what you have to sell is too, the next thing to do is identify your target market or your niche.You might have quite a few. 

For example, let’s say that you have written an e-book that will help men lose weight and build muscle. Your target group would be men, without a doubt. Specifically, it is men who need to lose weight or really want to build muscle. People that might be interested in your book might also be interested in health and fitness. 

There are social networking groups under all of those categories. If you have a hard time finding a group that encompasses your target market, just create one. Groups and clubs work well as a platform for internet viral marketing.

When you send mass e-mails, be sure that what you have to say is relevant, unique and interesting. Otherwise, you could be wasting valuable time. The email must be grammatically correct. Spelling errors should not be tolerated.  If English is not your “forte” get someone to read and edit your communications for you.  While some people might not notice, others certainly will. 

While this type of campaign does not require a huge monetary investment, it does require an investment of your time.  If you don’t have the time to do it, there are companies that can help.  Internet viral marketing can be a great way to grow your business.  Make sure you are ready for it. It can be very overwhelming.


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