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What is residual income exactly?- Residual income also commonly known as passive income refers to money received on a regular basis usually monthly requiring little to no effort to earn the income. Examples of residual income are property rental money, dividends or interest on stocks or bonds respectively, royalties and affiliate programme earnings which is probably the most popular home based residual income source of all.

Other definition- It is very important to draw a clear distinction between the different residual income definitions due to the fact that there are two definitions for this income type. The second being the amount income lefts after debts such as clothing accounts, utility bills and mortgages installments have been settled for the month. Should the accounts or mortgages be fully settled the amounts allocated towards these costs will then be considered residual income.

Internet a residual income source- The popularity and incredibly widespread user-base of the internet makes it the ultimate money making tool in the comfort of your own home with very little to no effort required on your part. Affiliated programmes are extremely popular business models with tons of free software for program operation, setup and support, cutting out all kinds of business costs such as office space and equipment leasing, overheads and labour.

What is an affiliated programme exactly?- An affiliated programme pays affiliate referrers a commission on the amount of referrals to affiliate merchants’ product or service website, normally on monthly basis.

Partnership- These affiliate programmes very closely resemble real-life business partnership without all the red tape and legal requirements and prescriptions of course. It is a mutually beneficial relationship between two parties. The merchant should pay a lot of attention to it’s network of affiliates as the slightest lack of appreciation from the merchants’ side may lead to a deterioration of the network. Compensation should be fair and payment regular or as agreed upon. Beware of con-artists and scammers, there are plenty of them around.

Programme types- There are three affiliate programme types namely Pay Per Click referring to affiliate referrer compensation based on merchant website visits, Pay Per Sale referring to an affiliate referrer compensation based on percentage of successful referred purchases or sales and Pay Per Lead refers to payment for either qualified or unqualified leads.

Success secret – Affiliate programme secret to success can be found in the initial identification of product or service target group and secondly in actual user targeting. Once you know who your target age, race or gender groups are you can start planning your tapping-into strategy.

Website information- First impression are lasting, thus you have to ensure that your affiliate website appearance and content is super user-friendly and comprehensive. Your site content should match the affiliate merchants’ site content as far as possible or allowed.

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